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Position: Preschool Facilitator

Company: Neptune Nature School

Location: Alameda, CA



Neptune Nature School is an all-outdoor, forest-style preschool in Alameda. We are always interested in meeting potential candidates who would enhance our program. Our program offers part and full time emergent, play-based, nature-inspired, child-led preschool and kindergarten to children 2.5-6 years of age.

Our school provides low ratios: 1:4/1:6 based on age.

We believe children should be free to explore the environment and test their bodies to the best of their abilities.

Neptune Nature School on the island of Alameda, Ca. We use local parks and open space as our classroom and much of our time is spent along the shoreline, an amazing and peaceful way to spend your day!


 We are looking for the right fit and salary is negotiable. We are also looking for some flexibility to cover shifts in the event a co-worker is out. We are a small program and depend on each other as teammates.


PAY: Our teachers, at all levels of experience, enjoy salaries above the local average plus generous paid holidays and 7 weeks of school breaks.

GREAT WORK ENVIRONMENT: At Neptune, we believe happy teachers create the most robust and enriched learning environment for students.  We take a healthy workplace seriously and bake it in to everything we do. We are respectful, egalitarian, and collaborative.

CAREER PROGRESSION: Learning is a lifelong process.  We strive to lay a foundation of curiosity for learning and exploration for preschool children, but our mission doesn't stop there.  We invest in the development and growth of our teachers as professional educators and provide an environment and resources for continued education.



Experience working with young children (3+ years)

Familiarity with the European forest-school model: Waldkindergärten/udeskole.

Ability and willingness to be outdoors all day; able to keep up with mobile children in all kinds of weather

Fingerprint clearance and background check

CPR and First Aid training



Knowledge, appreciation, and respect for our environment

Background in nature education or training

Musical skills a plus!

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