Summer Camp!

Sign up for week-long sessions in local parks and nature preserves with your trusted preschool teachers facilitating endless opportunities for deep, meaningful engagement in our local outdoor spaces. Camp runs M-F 9-1 & 9-4. Children 2.5-10 years of age welcome. Children who bring bikes or scooters will have the option of extending their learning area with riding adventures.
Please dress your child appropriately for the weather and apply sunscreen. We will re-apply in the afternoon. The whole day will be spent outdoors, in the water, sand, dirt & trees.
Monday-Friday we will be at Crab Cove, where daily activities will include art, crafts, games and water/beach play, and exploration. Bushcraft will be available to 5-10 year olds.



We will be outside all day, every day. Please dress your child in comfortable weather appropriate clothing, and expect them to be pretty grubby by the end of the day! Water play and exploration will be a daily occurrence. 


  • Child-sized backpack

  • Lunch plus snacks

  • A reusable water bottle that your child can open and close on their own

  • Sleeping bag or mat if your child will be napping

  • Lovey or comfort item if your child needs help separating

  • Diapers and wipes if necessary

  • Spare clothes

  • Bike or scooter plus helmet

  • Sunscreen

  • Hand sanitizer, attached to the backpack

  • Face mask, as mandated by state and local guidelines

Label everything!


Sign up for Camp!

Thank you for your interest in our camp! 

Admissions for Summer 2022 are over. Please check back in January/February 2023 for summer camp 2023!