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About Us

A preschool experience completely outdoors

Introducing Alameda’s first forest-style preschool! Formed by a couple of preschool teachers looking to provide a play-based, nature-filled experience where children would go home filthy and exhausted from a busy day of exploration, play, negotiation, art, and social-emotional development, Neptune serves 2.5-7 year-olds with a preschool, TK, and kindergarten program in local nature reserves and parks. Our name, Neptune, is a small homage to the original name of Alameda’s Crab Cove-Neptune Beach. We spend a great deal of time in this local nature reserve, engaging with local marine biology & coastal ecology. Why Nature school? Much of our format is modeled on the European, and emerging American forest school preschool models, spending 100% of our time outdoors.






We gather at 9 am, at our base "camp" for the day. Location is decided before the beginning of each week, and communicated to families via weekly email update. Our morning session is 9-1, including morning meeting, music and arts, craft and sensory, math and science activities, lunch, and exploring our environment. Children who stay 1-4 are offered rest for those who choose, and extended exploration time for those who do not. 4 pm marks the end of our day. Pickup will be at base camp, the park where we spent our day. 




School runs from September-May, beginning the day after Labor Day and ending Memorial Day weekend. Summer camp then runs June-August on a week to week basis and is open to participation from the greater community. Tuition for the school year is based on a monthly rate and includes all closures based on holidays and breaks. The school calendar clearly outlines these closures, and please note such closures keep your teachers paid and mentally healthy.

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